Monday, 16 September 2013

The Dream

*This post is written by me, for you, Nashwa*

By the time you read this, maybe it has already been a few years and maybe you've already married to "the guy". Whatever it is, lets just move on to the next paragraph,ok.

So, it's like this. Last night we met in my dream. I was so surprised to see you and I'm so happy that finally I can meet you again after some time. In my dream, you hugged me from behind and then we went to buy you some clothes. The place was also nice and I saw your close friend who came there too. She was Wany. You remember Wany right? 

Wa, the best part was we were taking photos together while you're still hugging me from behind, holding hands, and just stare at each other. It was such a lovely moment for me even though it was just my dream. I don't know about you but I love this dream. And because of that, I post this because I don't want to forget this dream about you.

However, I looked at your post(the one which your brother was sleeping) and I saw a conversation between your mom and "the guy". Well, it seems that your mom really like that guy to be your husband. Well, my advice is accept the guy that your mom like cuz usually parents,they know what's best for their children. 

What I want you to do now is just to keep in mind that I'll always love you no matter how the situation will be and that I don't hate you. Never will. There's a big chance that I will move on with my life living alone. I'm done with love cuz I always be just an option to others.

Again, whatever it is, I'll always find my time for you whenever you need me. Love you,Wa.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Late Night Coffe~

Well HELLO THERE!!!! And Assalammualaikum to all my muslim readers. What's that? Oh...I know... It's been a while since I updated my blog... It's coz my life as a student has already ended and so I started working with my mom's friend here in Sungai Petani.

So, let's not wasting time shall we? Heehee... Let me start my story when I was facing my trial SPM examination in September 2012.

Guys, as you all know and already knew it, we males just can't be separated with the habit of studying last minute, right? YEAH!!! Now we're talking.

So, what did I do when tomorrow is my papers is I started studying the night before until I feel satisfied. Usually I do my last minute study for about 3 to 4 hours and sometimes I start studying at 12 midnight. I know it's crazy....Chillex~ Hahaha! ^_^

And by doing that, I have gone crazy for all day long and it lasted about 2 weeks. Damn I regret it but's my nature. hehehe.... The toughest part was when the next morning is gonna be Additional Maths. With all that calculus and undefined answers, here's what happened to me...

It just a mug full of hot Nescafe that night. How could it be this way? Hm...I wonder... Ow yeah...I still was frustrated coz the girl I love left me for a bloody guy. In the end, I got a bad result. With just 2A,2A-,3B+,2C+ and 1G(addmahts). Fuck this shit. Hahah!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I Wanna Live My Life Alone.

I knew shew love that guy and not me. Just knew it. I'm so stupid and now I hate myself to death. Now I'll just live my life alone. And I don't want to love a girl anymore unless the girl is not a liar.
Forever Alone

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Wo Yi Chi

"Wo yi chi"
I remeber that word. She taught me that word. It means "I've eaten"..

..."Goodnight biy. I love you <3."
"How should I continue my happy life if without you...I can't imagine it."

You're the apple to my eye,
You're the staw to my berry,
You're the smoke to my eye,
You're the one I wanna MARRY <3.

Aaaah~ I still remember the text she sent to me. It made me feel happy and I can't describe the joy. Soothing, blissful, touched....and many more that I felt that time. I still remember her text: 

"Muhammad Yusoff Syah Zakaria thanks for everything you do for me :) I love you,biy...biy it's our 3rd monthlyversary <3 I hope it will continue to our wedding day and forever :) I love you <3"

"Wanna know something? Everytime you text me, I smiled. Hehehee.."

"Hahaha.. I want you,biy <3"

"If you're not busy text me okay ^^"

And those are some of her text to me. Then, a few weeks after that, a thing happened... Below is one of her text that really made me happy yet so sad:

"Yusoff, I'm so happy because I have you. But I have a goal to achieve for my life. 1 day if you've become successful, don't forget me :). Today I will stop everything with you. Forgive me. Do the best for your exam. I promise, you're the last in my life. Thanks for everything... Kalau ada jodoh,tak ke mana... Remember that! Take care, I'm sorry. Don't reply this text, I have thrown it away and I can't take it back. Don't change your number okay? I'll look for you 1 day. Good luck. sorry. Byebye."

Well...that's the only thing I can share. To be honest, I'm a sensitive guy and I cried while reading the old texts from her. I just can't stand it. I don't mind being so far away from her but I'm afraid to lose her from my life. I can't bear it if that happens. I just CAN'T BEAR it. I love her with all my heart even though I know that she must have a crush on someone else. I'm pretty sure of it.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Can't Concentrate

Great. Tomorrow is going to be the first day of my trial examination. I am studying but my brain can't download any of the information. Man~ the pain is strong and I can feel some holes on my chest. I wish that she will call me tonight to give me some strength to study for tomorrow.

She's the reason I checked my phone for her text every 10 minutes. But I'm sure she don't even give a damn about me. T_T