Friday, 30 December 2011

How Should I React?

Okay, now I just know that my crush....don't have a feeling for me.... So, how should I react?
  1. Play video games.
  2. Eat a lot until I'm fat.
  3. Write a song.
  4. Go mad.
  5. Make myself dumb-er than before.
  6. Kill ants!
  7. Get the worst result in examination.
  8. Do bad things.
  9. Pray for her happiness.

    So, which one should I choose,readers?

Thursday, 29 December 2011

I'm A Jinx

Ever heard of the word jinx friend? Well jinx is like someone who always have bad luck and make anyone near him/her have bad luck too.

So today's story is about me....who is a jinx. I just found out this morning that I'm actually a JINX. This is so not cool. Since I was a baby...I have trouble my family members without noticing it until they told me the story when I was a child. You know, every person's thing I touch will end up being haywire(electronics), destroyed(toys) and even broken(especially glass).

Just now about 8:30p.m. my sister asked me that she some photos that were taken were unable to be display on the camera. Some. Not all. And without wasting your time to read the whole story that I intended to tell you, I was scolded and my sister cried. Man..... But the photos can still be view in the computer. Still safe and sound. And to make things worst, when she's back from the sony store, she asked me to rectify the photos. Then I tried my best. But Unfortunately I failed. Man I felt really miserable. The actual problem with the photos was they can't be modify by the computer. And I just know that note tonight. Me so SUCKS!

Damn....I wish I were never born in this world. I can't even make my family happy when I'm around. I just know I'm such a troublesome and a JINX.

Dear my sisters and parents, If you're reading this, I'm so sorry to put you all in a chaotic life and I'm so sorry for my existence in our family. Seriously I'm not joking.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

This is NOT Good... T___T

Dear diary(blog). Yesterday my parents were mad at each other. Man...they always have 'talk fight'. I think I can't stand it anymore. I feel like my head's gonna explode into pieces. Damn I'm so tension... When will they stop fighting? I don't know. Maybe they wouldn't. But I really wish they will stop the fight as soon as possible.

But the one that made me really mad was when the time I woke up and asked my mama where was the medicine for relieving my throat. And you know what? Mama scold me "Tu la, tido lambat-lambat lagi. Main la game tu sampai kul 4 pagi lagi... Bila dah sakit baru nak cari aku.". And then I got fed up and without taking my bath I went out to calm myself and I bought my phone credit. It took a while to calm myself down.

Then, when I woke up this morning, I noticed my body temperature was high I know that I have......FEVER. Shit. This is not good.... I can't move fast... I'm slower than ever now. I'm mean my movements... Yeah it sucks.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

A Day With My Family

Aaaah~finally...I have my time to be alone as usual. Oh,hey! Didn't notice you are reading this ^_^. Oh, wanna know what happened? Really? Ok I tell ya. Once upon a time...there were a guy who likes gundam. Haha! Just joking. Sorry for my craziness.

Actually I just got back from Baling with my family yesterday evening. We went there at 1200 hours and get back at 1900 hours. Well there was a "kenduri" there. My dad's employee's "kenduri". At first I don't wanna go there coz I'm so lazy today. But,on second thought, I said to myself that I must go to make my family happy. And so I went just like that.

Just as I arrived at my end point, I saw a beautiful landscape. A wide crystal clear river with some bamboos. Hoooo....I love it. But,what ever it is, I must eat first.

 What do you call this 'kueh'?
This is my dad 
 My sisters and my mom
                  This is just for fun. Hehe..

Ok...the eating part was done. And now, I'm gonna show you the scenery of a village. To me it's great. I dunno what you think about it. Anyway, here they are...

 My sisters

 Me again

 Me again (again)

And the best part is when on the way back. We stop by at the raodside where some durians were sold... 

 Mama and Papa can't wait. (including my sister)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


19 December 2011. That's the date where my crush turns 15 years-old.  Awwmaaannnn~ Her birthday party was yesterday and I can't attend her birthday party. T__T

Anyway...there's still next year. I'll try my hard to attend her birthday party next year IF she will held it again. But the thing year I'll be sitting for SPM. But I think I can make it. Coz I think my exam will end before her birthday.

Because I can't attend it and can't give her any present, I've recorded a video for her. Here it is.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

I'm Not The One I Guess

As time goes by and through my observation,
I guess I'm not the one for her.
I don't know why I said this,
But I just had a feeling
That I'm not
The one for


*I hate it when I started to think negative*

私はあなたを愛して !

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Helloooo....readers! Long time no see huh? Yeah.... Actually I was quite busy with some activities during last week and this week. Busy with tuition classes in the morning and with old friends on the evening... tired... I wish I were a 6 years old kid. Haha!

Well,anyway tonight I just wanna express my feeling of frustration on my blog. You know, this coming 19 December is my crush birthday. She will throw a party at Sunway... So the thing is...last Saturday, I went to a beach at Penang Island. And of course my skin is badly burned. I went there with my sis and my mom. My dad was in KL that day. On my way back home, I told them in the car that "ma, this coming 19 December is my friend's birthday and she gonna held it in Penang. Can I go?". She quickly replied "Sure,which part? I can send you there.". I said "I don't know that yet. I'll ask her as soon as possible." WOW!!!! I can't believe that my mom would approve my request.

A few days later, I text her to ask which part of penang will she held her birthday party. And she told me that it will be held at Sunway. Then I said to her that I maybe will attend her birthday. I don't know how she feels but I hope it is positive. The next morning I woke up happily and asked my mom to attend the party. Then my mom replied "Who's gonna send you there.. Angah's not home. I'm working. Papa too..." As soon I get that kinda response from my mom I was like.....damn...there goes my chance to meet her... Aw man...I really can't accept the fact that I will not attend her birthday party. It feels like I'm an asshole, shit, dumb ass, and etc.

I was so frustrated you know... C'mon~ I've been looking forward to meet her and then it turn out to be like this? Whatta Fish! I'm so sorry for her and I really feel bad right now...and disappointed.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011


YEAH!!! Tonight is about sushi! Happy? Haha....yea...i know you guys want some right now. Hehe...^__^. Actually, my sister bought these sushi(s) for me at QueensBay Mall just now... Lucky me she bought some sushi(s) for me.

Okay lets break the ice. The  first time I eat sushi was 11 years ago. The first time I tasted it, I felt like I'm gonna vomit on the spot. So, as time goes by....I grew up. When I was in standard 5, I started to eat sushi like crazy. Wanna know why? It's coz I was crazy with anime. Haha! What a statement eh? It's true actually.

And now I'm really crazy about these sushi(s) until wherever I go I must have some sushi. My favorite sushi restaurant are Sakae Sushi and Edo Ichi. They serve the best sushi ever. And if you guys go to the Edo Ichi, you guys should try Salmon Tatakmaki. It's the raw salmon that been burn on the top with some cheese and cucumbers some other things I can't remember. It's really nice and mouth watering you know. And you should try Unagi Don. Oh it's just so good man~
This is my favorite, RAW salmon sushi.
So guys and girls, do inform me about other sushi restaurant that you have tried. Don't be shy okay. Hope you all enjoy this post. See you soon!! ^_^

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

So Sad to Say Goodbye

Hi there! ^__^
So tonight I'm actually gonna tell you all what just happened to me a few days ago. Actually, last Saturday I went to my uncle's house at Perak. I can't tell you which part of Perak I went. I there coz my cousin invite me to go there for a 'Majlis Kekah'. A few days back, my uncle text my dad that he wants to surprise all his family. Man I can't wait.

And so me and my family start our journey from Sungai Petani to Perak. And when we arrived at our destination, I saw.... A glowing red sleek car. Yeah, it's the FERRARI! OMG!!! I was breathless looking at it. It's the 458 Itlia. Did my uncle really bought it? Am I dreaming? He's joking right? NO! It's reality! Face it ME! And when I came out from my car, I quickly get close to the car to check whether my eyes were deceiving me. Fuck! It's so damn hot! That car just made me like a crazy guy that never seen a car before. Here's the picture...

Me with uncontrollable reaction

Oh....and here's some more....hehe

Ohhh~I felt so sad to say goodbye to this car~ T__T

Anyway...Just about the last night there...I was being attacked by a bunch of  niece and nephews... They swarm and.....ATTACKED me.... Tickle here and there while making me can't move. Oh yeah, they also tried to take off my shirt.  Oh man~ It's scary I tell you.... Really really scary. I don't know how I can still smile. Here's a sneak peek.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Hey hey! You know, yesterday I finally confessed to her about my true feelings. But I just made it short coz I'm very shy (as always). Haha! And~it turned out okay I guess. I just hope that she has feelings for me. I mean the positive one of course. Hey, I know you're reading this right now. Just don't let me know or I'll be like a frozen human for a moment. Seriously.
Anyway, last night when I was texting with her, I noticed that Momo haven't come inside yet. And so I went to the door to called my cat. Just when I open the door, Momo ran inside and I saw like she ( my cat ) brought something with her (my cat). It was dark coz I don't turn on the light so I didn't care much about what Momo brings in with her. Then, a few minutes later I noticed that Momo was acting  strange. I thought she was chasing a lizard. So I turned on the light. And just after that I saw that Momo was actually chasing a rat. WHAT THE FISH! So I quickly took a paper and captured the rat. Then I crumpled the paper with another paper and I went out and threw it like a ball on the road. HAHA!

Now, came the part where I'm really shy about telling it but I just wanna tell it anyway. But I'm sure you will be hard to understand to what I'm about to tell you. Well then, after I sent my last text to her, I went to sleep. As usual. You know what was my dream? Well I dreamed that I was dreaming that she called me and we had a really nice chat. Quite long. Somehow I suddenly woke up from my second dream and when I looked at my phone, there's a text from her. I felt like it was real. And when I woke up, I quickly grabbed my phone and I checked it if there was any text from her. The fact is there's none. And then I started to realized that I was actually dreaming in a dream. Haha! ^__^

Dream in a dream

Well, that's all for today. See you readers soon!

Monday, 21 November 2011

I'm Such A Jerk~

What's up readers! Umm...haha (soft laugh)...  Well today I actually don't know how to tell you my feelings. Okay I guess I know. So um...mmm...I feel a bit more happy coz she actually don't have a bf, yet. I kinda relieve you know. But still, I just don't know how to tell her the truth that I actually love her and how I want her to be mine. Please hear me Allah, I wanna be with her untill the day I go to sleep forever. You guys wanna  know something...I slowly being a better person now. It's all because of her. Now I never miss my solat. I manage to overcome my laziness. Weird huh? But this is a reality.

Actually the text that she sent me yesterday, she's just playing around with her friends. Awmann what a jerk I am to think that she had been taken. ARGH!!! Stupid me. Anyway...I feel great right now. But I always wonder....what if, IF she read my blog... how will she react? What? You ask me? Well I'm definitely going to be the shiest person on earth. You guys know that I'm so shy right when it comes to the girl I adore. Okay, I think that's enough right now coz I AM really shy right now... See you guys again. ^__^
I'm so shy man~

Sunday, 20 November 2011

I Was Almost Paralyzed By Her

Hey readers and viewers! Yeah~I know~I always tell you all my story about the girl which I adore her. you know me,,,sensitive...and quite emotional (just sometimes).
Actually today I have an outing with my friends at Village Mall. We watched a movie today and it was The Adventure of Tin Tin. It was a good story you know and it was such an adventurous movie, and quite hillarious. You guys might wanna watch that movie coz I highly recommend it.

Well, the movie was about a guy named Tin Tin. He was like around 18 years old I guess. One day, he was walking in a market(sort of a garage sale market). Browsing for some stuffs. Then suddenly he saw a replica of a ship and he somehow had fallen in love with that ship. And then he bought it for just 1 pound sterling(sorry if I spell it wrong). Cheap isn't it.

To shorten the story, Tin Tin was kidnapped by two men that were standing in front of his house saying that there was a delivery for him but actually not. He was suffocated by a man and was pushed into a big box. And when he woke up, he found out that he was in a cargo ship. And the two men were searching his body for a scroll. Small one. Okay that's it... I don't wanna spoil your mood by telling you how the story goes on... Just go see it for yourself already.

So, when the movie has finished, me and my friends went to the arcade to have a few more races. It really killed my stress man~ Haha! But then, it turned out that I was frustrated when suddenly she text me. She sort of said like this > "Dear, how should I get back. Do you know that it's raining heavily right now?", and just a few seconds after that, she text me again. "Oh,sorry i accidently sent it to you. And I was like "Whaaat?!!!!"

As soon as I read her text, my heart just keeps beating faster and faster. I felt like I can't feel my legs anymore. I was really shocked. It was like my limbs were about to paralyzed. Really, I'm not lying. Trust me okay. You'll feel it one day if you're in my situation.

But I think there's a message that she's trying to say. And I think I know it that SHE IS TAKEN. So long me. Sayonara. You're such a dumbass, me. So readers, thanks again for viewing my blog. For the guys out there, don't be like me who always fail when it comes to love. I'm such a failure. Can't even win a girl's heart. I'm so frustrated. But like I said, just loving her is enough for me.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

My Knee

A few hours ago, I was at a gas station. My sister asked me to pay for the gas and I go to the cashier. Running. Just as I step my foot at the cashier, I felt like somethings not right about my knee. But I don't really care about it so much coz it's just feel like someone is pinching you on the knee..

After paying at the cashier I went back to the car. Running. Again. Suddenly when I almost there my knee felt such enormous pain. I felt like my ligament were torn apart. And even made a 'pop' sound. Allahuakbar! It really hurts a lot! Fortunately my sister didn't notice what happened coz I manage to hide my expression. Haha!

Then when I was at home, I tried to find some Condropil but it seems that I can't find it. Aw man....what a jerk I am... So now I must bare the pain for a while... Can't run anymore... Sucks... What a life I have...

Friday, 18 November 2011

Good News or Bad News

Hey readers, I don't know if this is a bad news or a good news. Actually, I have a chat with her last night. I asked her whether her relationship with the guy is for real. And you know what, she told me that it was just a fake. Man~what a relieve~ But...does she have feelings for me? We don't know right... So last night I suddenly have an idea to write a song about her. It came just like that. It's just that when I sang this last night, tears flow on my cheek. Haha! Sorry that I forgot to tell you all that I'm actually a sensitive person. And now here it is...

 Hey girl.
can you hear me sing
this song for you
Hey girl,
somehow I can feel
that you don't have feelings for me

But it's okay
Loving you is enough for me you know
Eventhough you and me are just a friend
 since we first met~

I tried so many things
and I do it slowly
Coz I don't wanna make
my feelings for you
look so obvious

There's something I want you to know
You'll always be my love
Although you don't know

That I love you~

Okay,,,I know this song is simple.... But in time I will make it perfect... Anyway here is my first song that I created and it's in Malay. So, for those who don't know Malay, I'm really sorry okay... Oh,by the way,please use earphone/headphone to listen to this song.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Say What???!!!!!

Guys, remember about the girl I've told you before? The one which I have crush on her... Yeah,she's the one. well, yesterday, I open her profile on facebook. I felt like I am being shoot with a .44 Calibur magnum gun on my heart and chest. You know what, I saw on her profile that she's already in a relationship with a guy. Man~is this for real?!!! God! Why did this thing happened to me? Why must it be me who always suffer a situation like this??? I mean,,,why does my fate is not the one that I wish for? I wish I were never exist in this world. Coz I have to suffer so much until now which I'm almost mad just thinking about it... a human that has no power like Allah, just what can I do to make things the way I want. I can only pray and wish it to happen. Hey,readers, I'm not asking for sympathy... I just wanna express how I feel right now. It's just so bad for me... T__T.

Even how hard I try to win her heart, I can't go back to time before he knew that guy. Just that to you two, I wish that you will be happy together.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

What the....

Hi... See the title for today?'re right....lame~ But anyway this time on my post, I just wanna express my feeling of frustration. To tell you the truth, I have a girlfriend once. But starting this year when she went to another school, slowly she ignores me...and untill one day, I found out that she was 'mempermainkan' me. And came one day she send me a message saying that she wants to break up with me. And just like that, we never contact each other anymore. So, do I felt sad and frustrated? Well of course....and I felt angry and felt like a dumbass. I should have known that she doesn't have a feeling towards me a few months ago. But as time goes by, I manage to overcome my stupid emotion(sad and frustrated). Now, I just want to see her in a misarable situation... Muahahaha! But what can I do, my heart is not evil enough... I always feel bad when I do wrong things towards other people. It feels like I wanna kill myself for doing evil things. WHATEVER... I don't wanna see you anymore coz IF I see you again, I might wanna kill you or push you towards the incoming cars.

So lets get started... A few months ago, I went to a fire brigade camp for cadets that was held at Hutan Bandar,Johor. I was representing Kedah together with my friends. We practiced hard before we go there. Well...during the practice at Balai Bomba Guar.... I met this girl who looks really adorable. It's like "hey, am I imagining things or something?" But at first I just don't want to break the ice or have a nice chat with her coz I'm really shy to get face to face with a girl that have a wonderful look which I suddenly fall in love with (love at first sight). One day I helped her with her preparation during our practice in 'Kawad Operasi Basah Berhalangan'. I get the fire hose ready for her and set-up some other things. But I just keep my face looks serious coz I'm SO shy =__=.

And so came the first day at the camp site, Hutan Bandar,Johor. It was good. nothing terrible except the toilets and during the morning. Oh so you wanna know what happened? Well, the toilets that they provide were really bad. You know...the toilets that can be take anywhere. Yeah! That's the toilet i'm talking about. And I have to wake up at 5 in the morning everyday. The worst is that I have to take a bath at a nearby tap water. Man it was so cold untill I can see my breath comes out. Sucks right? Hahaha! Okay, lets go on to the next part.

The day for the 'Kawad Operasi Basah Berhalangan' competition is here. I was so nervous that morning untill I felt like I wanna run non-stop circling the park. Hehe.... What a day that was huh... So, the girl's team start first. When the girls are given some time to gear up and set up their things,,,the boys were called to help them. For my team(Kedah), I helped the girl that I just mention. And the best is when I helped her tighten her helmet. In the same time, I take a look at her face for about 4 seconds. Her eyes were.... Aw man...I don't know how to decribe coz they were really beautiful. Okay, that's enough. I'm really shy right now.

A few days past and the night when we were at Putrajaya, I finally talk to her. Face to face. Man how shy I was. Only Allah knows how shy I was at that night. But I only talk to her for like 5 minutes coz I was so shy! What do you expect! Haha! Besides, I don't wanna take her time to much. And in the morning where we all arrived at Balai Bomba Guar, it was time for us to get back to our district. Me and my friends were so  emotional that morning. So when my teacher came to pick me up, I made a quick goodbye to all my friends and her. I saw her crying and when I went towards her to say goodbye, she smiled at me and at the same time her tears flow down. I felt like I was gonna cry to but I manage to overcome it. And that's it. I went home. When I arrived home, I cried coz I can't stand it anymore. I mean, when will I have the chance to meet them again,especially her. It's going to take years until I have my license to drive a car. So now I'm just praying that I will met them all one day.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Hey guys! Today I'm not gonna talk a lot... Just about my cat~ ^__^. Well cats as we know they're so cute and sometimes fluffy. We know that they can do some cats can't do. So, we can conclude that cats are intelligent. Me myself has a cat too. I named it Momo. So, it started like this.

My mom was a nurse at Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim. One day when my dad was fetching my mom at the hospital, my mom saw a cat sitting on a bench. The cat was meowing at my mom. It does that almost everytime my mom wanted to get back. So, on that day, my mom asked the cat like this "If you want to come with me, follow me now and get in the car. So, the cat followed my mom. I know...I know.... It's kinda hard to believe but this is a fact. Trust me...

During that time, I was in school. Just when I arrived home, I saw an orange cat inside a cage and it had been clean. I was so shocked at that time because my mom usually don't want to keep a cat after my previous cat had died. The cat saw my arrival and meowing at me... My mind started to say "Hey, this is one good cat". Then, i went to my dad and asked him who's cat it was. Then he told me "your mom got that cat from her hospital lobby. The cat followed her". And I was like....FOR REAL?! That mean I can keep it. OMG! HAHA! I can keep a cat after waiting for a long time. Oh how I really happy at that time. So, I named it, Momo. 

At first, Momo was very active. It love to play hide and seek. You don't believe me? Well  believe it or not, this is real. Hahaha! ^__^. Only the problem is,,,,,Momo doesn't know to keep its claw of me when it catch me when we play "tag! you're it!" Hehehee.... Let's move on to what my cat like to do okay.

Okay, Momo loves to eat almost everything I eat, like Cheese, Twisties, KFC, potato bread(this is really freakin' me out), ice-cream and chocolate. She loves em' very much especially chocolates and cheese. The funniest thing that she had done is begging me and my family to get some food. You wanna know how Momo do "the Beg"? Well,she used her front leg and do movement like you are touching someone to call him/her. Teehee!

Momo busted trying to destroy my old toys.
 Here she is trying to get attention when people don't bother about her.
 Aw're NOT a human Momo!
 She climb that coz she saw a bird outside.
Teacher, my cat ate my homework last night =__=

And you know what?.... My teachers think I'm joking all this while. Well here it is... Hehe ^__^

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I Hate Goodbyes!!!

Hey guys, how are you all doing? I hope you all are doing fine. This time, I'm gonna share with you guys and girls about my experience at National Robotic Camp that was held in Bachok,Kelantan.

During my second week of exam, my teacher called me and Syafiq(my friend) to meet him out side of the classroom. He asked us if we're gonna participate in the National Robotic Camp on Friday that week. Well, as usual, I asked for my parents permission. First, they told me not to participate but as time goes by, they decided to let me participate. Man I was so damn happy.

So,the Friday. Me and my team regroup at school before going to Kelantan. It was 8:33 a.m that time. At first, I was excited to begin the journey. But things get worst when I knew that they were 4 kids from other school that joined us. I mean "Hey...what's up with the kids??? Why should they join us. They're like...troubling me and whatever....". And you know what, those kids we're 10 years-old! And SO ANNOYING!!! Aaahhh~whatever~ And so we started our journey.

It took us about 8 hours to reached Bachok. Man~it was so tiring. I don't know how to describe my feelings back then. As I arrived at the location (SK Kandis), I was given some briefing by my teacher. Then, we go to our dorm to put our things and relax for a while after a long journey. At first,the kids we're being good but after a while, they really put me in the destructive mode. It really was a headache for me and Syafiq. They are fortunate that we're not some bad kicking ass guys. If we are, they will be dead meat.

After a while, my teacher called me to go out from that school for a while to find some food and to relax our mind at Pantai Irama/Melody.  But only me,syafiq and my other two friends. kids but just the relaxing and refreshing sea breeze... ^__^.

                                               This was the first day at SK Kandis

                                                                       We're NOT gay

                                                     My awesome teacher, Encik Mahzan

Yea~I know~ It's mouth watering seeing me eating a cup of ice cream at the sea shore...with the lovely it. Okay,enough of it.... 

But still, the kids just can't stop bothering me. They keep calling and calling me until I get fed-up to answer their call. *Man!~ Why must the kids participate in this kind of event!*. During the night, learn how to build a basic robot using LEGO Mindstorm NXT. Man it was boring. Well of course it is....because there were kids with us.... Shit!

Well, that's all for the first night. Oh, I almost forgot... The first day is also the day I met two new friends from Pahang. They were really cool man... I spend most of the day laughing with them about some jokes. HAhahaha! They were Shahrul (white spectacles) and Diniy.

 That blue shirt guys are my new friend from Gombak
 This is the track that was used in the challenge
 I'm the programmer
 Yea~ Team Pahang showed great performance

Our Robot

The next day, we were given a task to build a robot that can do 7 tasks in less than 2 minute and 30 seconds... So..during the evening,,,we all start building our robots... It needed a lot of patients to do it.... At first I was like "Yeah! I can do this! Hell this is easy!". But after a few trial,,,, I was like "shit! damn hard to predict! Son of a Bot!" Hey hey....don't be mad or angry readers, it's not like I'm saying a false word just now... But guess what, I did. HAHAHAHA! Errrhhmmmm.... Sorry... It's kinda stormy in my head.

Well then... the evening session is over and we're entering the night session...(bajet bagos je aku ni). Okay, now, it's time for the challenge. The Green City. The objective is to obtain energy blocks as many as you can in less than 2 1/2 minutes. Sounds simple but hard actually. So, as my team was called to perform the tasks, some of my friends started to get nervous. Including me...

 Our tag line: Tudia~Spark bak hang!
The third day. I wake up as usual...having my shivering shower.... I thought today's activity will be boring but....IT's THE MOST COOL activity ever... Programming a real robot using the real programming software. Not like lego... Lego is just the beginning.We started to program the IC and LED, fotodiod and much more electronics components to create a line following robot. And during the night, there's a competition. It was fun.

 On the fourth day. We learn the basic thing about electronics from MY ROBOTZ. They just give us the a manual and a robot that has been programmed. We just need to place the wires according to the manual. During the night, we just snap some photos with others and swap numbers with new friends... Stay up with some friends until 3 in the morning... HAhaha! It's a fun trip actually. I'll be missing my new friends (Aisyah, Shahrul, Diniy, Faiz Makhtar, Ilham, Haikal, Mehdi, Nona). Hope we will meet again someday guys.
 From left: Me, Mehdi, Faiz, Shahrul, Syafiq

And came the last day, 25 Oct 2011. That morning, I felt like I wanna cry because my heart wants to stay a bit longer with my friends but what can I do? You know, the saddest thing is when I and Syafiq return to the dorm, it was dark and no one there. Shahrul and Diniy have gone. They left without saying goodbye. made me cry for a while. That's why I hate goodbyes. And the skies like don't wanna let me to leave but somehow there's a rainbow. A beautiful and very bright rainbow that cheered me a bit. But still can't make me feel like in a state of bliss.

And just like that my day is over. I really wish that we will meet again guys. Miss you all.

Ok now I'm crying (T__T).