Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I Hate Goodbyes!!!

Hey guys, how are you all doing? I hope you all are doing fine. This time, I'm gonna share with you guys and girls about my experience at National Robotic Camp that was held in Bachok,Kelantan.

During my second week of exam, my teacher called me and Syafiq(my friend) to meet him out side of the classroom. He asked us if we're gonna participate in the National Robotic Camp on Friday that week. Well, as usual, I asked for my parents permission. First, they told me not to participate but as time goes by, they decided to let me participate. Man I was so damn happy.

So,the Friday. Me and my team regroup at school before going to Kelantan. It was 8:33 a.m that time. At first, I was excited to begin the journey. But things get worst when I knew that they were 4 kids from other school that joined us. I mean "Hey...what's up with the kids??? Why should they join us. They're like...troubling me and whatever....". And you know what, those kids we're 10 years-old! And SO ANNOYING!!! Aaahhh~whatever~ And so we started our journey.

It took us about 8 hours to reached Bachok. Man~it was so tiring. I don't know how to describe my feelings back then. As I arrived at the location (SK Kandis), I was given some briefing by my teacher. Then, we go to our dorm to put our things and relax for a while after a long journey. At first,the kids we're being good but after a while, they really put me in the destructive mode. It really was a headache for me and Syafiq. They are fortunate that we're not some bad kicking ass guys. If we are, they will be dead meat.

After a while, my teacher called me to go out from that school for a while to find some food and to relax our mind at Pantai Irama/Melody.  But only me,syafiq and my other two friends. kids but just the relaxing and refreshing sea breeze... ^__^.

                                               This was the first day at SK Kandis

                                                                       We're NOT gay

                                                     My awesome teacher, Encik Mahzan

Yea~I know~ It's mouth watering seeing me eating a cup of ice cream at the sea shore...with the lovely it. Okay,enough of it.... 

But still, the kids just can't stop bothering me. They keep calling and calling me until I get fed-up to answer their call. *Man!~ Why must the kids participate in this kind of event!*. During the night, learn how to build a basic robot using LEGO Mindstorm NXT. Man it was boring. Well of course it is....because there were kids with us.... Shit!

Well, that's all for the first night. Oh, I almost forgot... The first day is also the day I met two new friends from Pahang. They were really cool man... I spend most of the day laughing with them about some jokes. HAhahaha! They were Shahrul (white spectacles) and Diniy.

 That blue shirt guys are my new friend from Gombak
 This is the track that was used in the challenge
 I'm the programmer
 Yea~ Team Pahang showed great performance

Our Robot

The next day, we were given a task to build a robot that can do 7 tasks in less than 2 minute and 30 seconds... So..during the evening,,,we all start building our robots... It needed a lot of patients to do it.... At first I was like "Yeah! I can do this! Hell this is easy!". But after a few trial,,,, I was like "shit! damn hard to predict! Son of a Bot!" Hey hey....don't be mad or angry readers, it's not like I'm saying a false word just now... But guess what, I did. HAHAHAHA! Errrhhmmmm.... Sorry... It's kinda stormy in my head.

Well then... the evening session is over and we're entering the night session...(bajet bagos je aku ni). Okay, now, it's time for the challenge. The Green City. The objective is to obtain energy blocks as many as you can in less than 2 1/2 minutes. Sounds simple but hard actually. So, as my team was called to perform the tasks, some of my friends started to get nervous. Including me...

 Our tag line: Tudia~Spark bak hang!
The third day. I wake up as usual...having my shivering shower.... I thought today's activity will be boring but....IT's THE MOST COOL activity ever... Programming a real robot using the real programming software. Not like lego... Lego is just the beginning.We started to program the IC and LED, fotodiod and much more electronics components to create a line following robot. And during the night, there's a competition. It was fun.

 On the fourth day. We learn the basic thing about electronics from MY ROBOTZ. They just give us the a manual and a robot that has been programmed. We just need to place the wires according to the manual. During the night, we just snap some photos with others and swap numbers with new friends... Stay up with some friends until 3 in the morning... HAhaha! It's a fun trip actually. I'll be missing my new friends (Aisyah, Shahrul, Diniy, Faiz Makhtar, Ilham, Haikal, Mehdi, Nona). Hope we will meet again someday guys.
 From left: Me, Mehdi, Faiz, Shahrul, Syafiq

And came the last day, 25 Oct 2011. That morning, I felt like I wanna cry because my heart wants to stay a bit longer with my friends but what can I do? You know, the saddest thing is when I and Syafiq return to the dorm, it was dark and no one there. Shahrul and Diniy have gone. They left without saying goodbye. made me cry for a while. That's why I hate goodbyes. And the skies like don't wanna let me to leave but somehow there's a rainbow. A beautiful and very bright rainbow that cheered me a bit. But still can't make me feel like in a state of bliss.

And just like that my day is over. I really wish that we will meet again guys. Miss you all.

Ok now I'm crying (T__T).

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