Friday, 18 November 2011

Good News or Bad News

Hey readers, I don't know if this is a bad news or a good news. Actually, I have a chat with her last night. I asked her whether her relationship with the guy is for real. And you know what, she told me that it was just a fake. Man~what a relieve~ But...does she have feelings for me? We don't know right... So last night I suddenly have an idea to write a song about her. It came just like that. It's just that when I sang this last night, tears flow on my cheek. Haha! Sorry that I forgot to tell you all that I'm actually a sensitive person. And now here it is...

 Hey girl.
can you hear me sing
this song for you
Hey girl,
somehow I can feel
that you don't have feelings for me

But it's okay
Loving you is enough for me you know
Eventhough you and me are just a friend
 since we first met~

I tried so many things
and I do it slowly
Coz I don't wanna make
my feelings for you
look so obvious

There's something I want you to know
You'll always be my love
Although you don't know

That I love you~

Okay,,,I know this song is simple.... But in time I will make it perfect... Anyway here is my first song that I created and it's in Malay. So, for those who don't know Malay, I'm really sorry okay... Oh,by the way,please use earphone/headphone to listen to this song.

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