Monday, 21 November 2011

I'm Such A Jerk~

What's up readers! Umm...haha (soft laugh)...  Well today I actually don't know how to tell you my feelings. Okay I guess I know. So um...mmm...I feel a bit more happy coz she actually don't have a bf, yet. I kinda relieve you know. But still, I just don't know how to tell her the truth that I actually love her and how I want her to be mine. Please hear me Allah, I wanna be with her untill the day I go to sleep forever. You guys wanna  know something...I slowly being a better person now. It's all because of her. Now I never miss my solat. I manage to overcome my laziness. Weird huh? But this is a reality.

Actually the text that she sent me yesterday, she's just playing around with her friends. Awmann what a jerk I am to think that she had been taken. ARGH!!! Stupid me. Anyway...I feel great right now. But I always wonder....what if, IF she read my blog... how will she react? What? You ask me? Well I'm definitely going to be the shiest person on earth. You guys know that I'm so shy right when it comes to the girl I adore. Okay, I think that's enough right now coz I AM really shy right now... See you guys again. ^__^
I'm so shy man~


  1. stalker dah datang ^^ bgtaw jealaa . baek cepat !! kboii . assalammualaikum ;)

  2. Stalker? Alamak~kenape rasa lain mcm je ni.. ey btw,aku malu gila kot~