Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Hey hey! You know, yesterday I finally confessed to her about my true feelings. But I just made it short coz I'm very shy (as always). Haha! And~it turned out okay I guess. I just hope that she has feelings for me. I mean the positive one of course. Hey, I know you're reading this right now. Just don't let me know or I'll be like a frozen human for a moment. Seriously.
Anyway, last night when I was texting with her, I noticed that Momo haven't come inside yet. And so I went to the door to called my cat. Just when I open the door, Momo ran inside and I saw like she ( my cat ) brought something with her (my cat). It was dark coz I don't turn on the light so I didn't care much about what Momo brings in with her. Then, a few minutes later I noticed that Momo was acting  strange. I thought she was chasing a lizard. So I turned on the light. And just after that I saw that Momo was actually chasing a rat. WHAT THE FISH! So I quickly took a paper and captured the rat. Then I crumpled the paper with another paper and I went out and threw it like a ball on the road. HAHA!

Now, came the part where I'm really shy about telling it but I just wanna tell it anyway. But I'm sure you will be hard to understand to what I'm about to tell you. Well then, after I sent my last text to her, I went to sleep. As usual. You know what was my dream? Well I dreamed that I was dreaming that she called me and we had a really nice chat. Quite long. Somehow I suddenly woke up from my second dream and when I looked at my phone, there's a text from her. I felt like it was real. And when I woke up, I quickly grabbed my phone and I checked it if there was any text from her. The fact is there's none. And then I started to realized that I was actually dreaming in a dream. Haha! ^__^

Dream in a dream

Well, that's all for today. See you readers soon!