Sunday, 20 November 2011

I Was Almost Paralyzed By Her

Hey readers and viewers! Yeah~I know~I always tell you all my story about the girl which I adore her. you know me,,,sensitive...and quite emotional (just sometimes).
Actually today I have an outing with my friends at Village Mall. We watched a movie today and it was The Adventure of Tin Tin. It was a good story you know and it was such an adventurous movie, and quite hillarious. You guys might wanna watch that movie coz I highly recommend it.

Well, the movie was about a guy named Tin Tin. He was like around 18 years old I guess. One day, he was walking in a market(sort of a garage sale market). Browsing for some stuffs. Then suddenly he saw a replica of a ship and he somehow had fallen in love with that ship. And then he bought it for just 1 pound sterling(sorry if I spell it wrong). Cheap isn't it.

To shorten the story, Tin Tin was kidnapped by two men that were standing in front of his house saying that there was a delivery for him but actually not. He was suffocated by a man and was pushed into a big box. And when he woke up, he found out that he was in a cargo ship. And the two men were searching his body for a scroll. Small one. Okay that's it... I don't wanna spoil your mood by telling you how the story goes on... Just go see it for yourself already.

So, when the movie has finished, me and my friends went to the arcade to have a few more races. It really killed my stress man~ Haha! But then, it turned out that I was frustrated when suddenly she text me. She sort of said like this > "Dear, how should I get back. Do you know that it's raining heavily right now?", and just a few seconds after that, she text me again. "Oh,sorry i accidently sent it to you. And I was like "Whaaat?!!!!"

As soon as I read her text, my heart just keeps beating faster and faster. I felt like I can't feel my legs anymore. I was really shocked. It was like my limbs were about to paralyzed. Really, I'm not lying. Trust me okay. You'll feel it one day if you're in my situation.

But I think there's a message that she's trying to say. And I think I know it that SHE IS TAKEN. So long me. Sayonara. You're such a dumbass, me. So readers, thanks again for viewing my blog. For the guys out there, don't be like me who always fail when it comes to love. I'm such a failure. Can't even win a girl's heart. I'm so frustrated. But like I said, just loving her is enough for me.


  1. hey , sibuk sini jap . emm perempuan yg kaw maksudkan tuu , dia memaen jealaa . hayoo , dia memang suka memaen panggil syg syg bagai . kekadang dgn aku pon bole jadik . so , kaw tkpayahlaa risaw ek ;)dia takdak boyie laa , aku taw tuu ! kbabai :)

  2. What the.... For serious? I thought she already have a bf. Anyway,thank you friend!