Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Hey guys! Today I'm not gonna talk a lot... Just about my cat~ ^__^. Well cats as we know they're so cute and sometimes fluffy. We know that they can do some cats can't do. So, we can conclude that cats are intelligent. Me myself has a cat too. I named it Momo. So, it started like this.

My mom was a nurse at Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim. One day when my dad was fetching my mom at the hospital, my mom saw a cat sitting on a bench. The cat was meowing at my mom. It does that almost everytime my mom wanted to get back. So, on that day, my mom asked the cat like this "If you want to come with me, follow me now and get in the car. So, the cat followed my mom. I know...I know.... It's kinda hard to believe but this is a fact. Trust me...

During that time, I was in school. Just when I arrived home, I saw an orange cat inside a cage and it had been clean. I was so shocked at that time because my mom usually don't want to keep a cat after my previous cat had died. The cat saw my arrival and meowing at me... My mind started to say "Hey, this is one good cat". Then, i went to my dad and asked him who's cat it was. Then he told me "your mom got that cat from her hospital lobby. The cat followed her". And I was like....FOR REAL?! That mean I can keep it. OMG! HAHA! I can keep a cat after waiting for a long time. Oh how I really happy at that time. So, I named it, Momo. 

At first, Momo was very active. It love to play hide and seek. You don't believe me? Well  believe it or not, this is real. Hahaha! ^__^. Only the problem is,,,,,Momo doesn't know to keep its claw of me when it catch me when we play "tag! you're it!" Hehehee.... Let's move on to what my cat like to do okay.

Okay, Momo loves to eat almost everything I eat, like Cheese, Twisties, KFC, potato bread(this is really freakin' me out), ice-cream and chocolate. She loves em' very much especially chocolates and cheese. The funniest thing that she had done is begging me and my family to get some food. You wanna know how Momo do "the Beg"? Well,she used her front leg and do movement like you are touching someone to call him/her. Teehee!

Momo busted trying to destroy my old toys.
 Here she is trying to get attention when people don't bother about her.
 Aw're NOT a human Momo!
 She climb that coz she saw a bird outside.
Teacher, my cat ate my homework last night =__=

And you know what?.... My teachers think I'm joking all this while. Well here it is... Hehe ^__^


  1. Takpe2....she/he maybe smiling in heaven right now. haha ^_^