Saturday, 19 November 2011

My Knee

A few hours ago, I was at a gas station. My sister asked me to pay for the gas and I go to the cashier. Running. Just as I step my foot at the cashier, I felt like somethings not right about my knee. But I don't really care about it so much coz it's just feel like someone is pinching you on the knee..

After paying at the cashier I went back to the car. Running. Again. Suddenly when I almost there my knee felt such enormous pain. I felt like my ligament were torn apart. And even made a 'pop' sound. Allahuakbar! It really hurts a lot! Fortunately my sister didn't notice what happened coz I manage to hide my expression. Haha!

Then when I was at home, I tried to find some Condropil but it seems that I can't find it. Aw man....what a jerk I am... So now I must bare the pain for a while... Can't run anymore... Sucks... What a life I have...

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