Thursday, 17 November 2011

Say What???!!!!!

Guys, remember about the girl I've told you before? The one which I have crush on her... Yeah,she's the one. well, yesterday, I open her profile on facebook. I felt like I am being shoot with a .44 Calibur magnum gun on my heart and chest. You know what, I saw on her profile that she's already in a relationship with a guy. Man~is this for real?!!! God! Why did this thing happened to me? Why must it be me who always suffer a situation like this??? I mean,,,why does my fate is not the one that I wish for? I wish I were never exist in this world. Coz I have to suffer so much until now which I'm almost mad just thinking about it... a human that has no power like Allah, just what can I do to make things the way I want. I can only pray and wish it to happen. Hey,readers, I'm not asking for sympathy... I just wanna express how I feel right now. It's just so bad for me... T__T.

Even how hard I try to win her heart, I can't go back to time before he knew that guy. Just that to you two, I wish that you will be happy together.

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