Tuesday, 29 November 2011

So Sad to Say Goodbye

Hi there! ^__^
So tonight I'm actually gonna tell you all what just happened to me a few days ago. Actually, last Saturday I went to my uncle's house at Perak. I can't tell you which part of Perak I went. I there coz my cousin invite me to go there for a 'Majlis Kekah'. A few days back, my uncle text my dad that he wants to surprise all his family. Man I can't wait.

And so me and my family start our journey from Sungai Petani to Perak. And when we arrived at our destination, I saw.... A glowing red sleek car. Yeah, it's the FERRARI! OMG!!! I was breathless looking at it. It's the 458 Itlia. Did my uncle really bought it? Am I dreaming? He's joking right? NO! It's reality! Face it ME! And when I came out from my car, I quickly get close to the car to check whether my eyes were deceiving me. Fuck! It's so damn hot! That car just made me like a crazy guy that never seen a car before. Here's the picture...

Me with uncontrollable reaction

Oh....and here's some more....hehe

Ohhh~I felt so sad to say goodbye to this car~ T__T

Anyway...Just about the last night there...I was being attacked by a bunch of  niece and nephews... They swarm and.....ATTACKED me.... Tickle here and there while making me can't move. Oh yeah, they also tried to take off my shirt.  Oh man~ It's scary I tell you.... Really really scary. I don't know how I can still smile. Here's a sneak peek.


  1. LOL your nephews and nieces really do ADORE you ;)

  2. Yeah, untill they tried to take my shirt off. HAHa!

  3. mesti hg teringat kat adik hang bila depa buat cmtu..kan kan?

  4. Maksud hg budak sk tunku ismail yg kat kelantan haitu ke? Tak la...tak ingat lansung. "ter" pun tak. Diorg tu budak2 dari blah mana tak tau la. Tension gila siot~!