Wednesday, 30 November 2011


YEAH!!! Tonight is about sushi! Happy? Haha....yea...i know you guys want some right now. Hehe...^__^. Actually, my sister bought these sushi(s) for me at QueensBay Mall just now... Lucky me she bought some sushi(s) for me.

Okay lets break the ice. The  first time I eat sushi was 11 years ago. The first time I tasted it, I felt like I'm gonna vomit on the spot. So, as time goes by....I grew up. When I was in standard 5, I started to eat sushi like crazy. Wanna know why? It's coz I was crazy with anime. Haha! What a statement eh? It's true actually.

And now I'm really crazy about these sushi(s) until wherever I go I must have some sushi. My favorite sushi restaurant are Sakae Sushi and Edo Ichi. They serve the best sushi ever. And if you guys go to the Edo Ichi, you guys should try Salmon Tatakmaki. It's the raw salmon that been burn on the top with some cheese and cucumbers some other things I can't remember. It's really nice and mouth watering you know. And you should try Unagi Don. Oh it's just so good man~
This is my favorite, RAW salmon sushi.
So guys and girls, do inform me about other sushi restaurant that you have tried. Don't be shy okay. Hope you all enjoy this post. See you soon!! ^_^

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