Friday, 30 December 2011

How Should I React?

Okay, now I just know that my crush....don't have a feeling for me.... So, how should I react?
  1. Play video games.
  2. Eat a lot until I'm fat.
  3. Write a song.
  4. Go mad.
  5. Make myself dumb-er than before.
  6. Kill ants!
  7. Get the worst result in examination.
  8. Do bad things.
  9. Pray for her happiness.

    So, which one should I choose,readers?

Thursday, 29 December 2011

I'm A Jinx

Ever heard of the word jinx friend? Well jinx is like someone who always have bad luck and make anyone near him/her have bad luck too.

So today's story is about me....who is a jinx. I just found out this morning that I'm actually a JINX. This is so not cool. Since I was a baby...I have trouble my family members without noticing it until they told me the story when I was a child. You know, every person's thing I touch will end up being haywire(electronics), destroyed(toys) and even broken(especially glass).

Just now about 8:30p.m. my sister asked me that she some photos that were taken were unable to be display on the camera. Some. Not all. And without wasting your time to read the whole story that I intended to tell you, I was scolded and my sister cried. Man..... But the photos can still be view in the computer. Still safe and sound. And to make things worst, when she's back from the sony store, she asked me to rectify the photos. Then I tried my best. But Unfortunately I failed. Man I felt really miserable. The actual problem with the photos was they can't be modify by the computer. And I just know that note tonight. Me so SUCKS!

Damn....I wish I were never born in this world. I can't even make my family happy when I'm around. I just know I'm such a troublesome and a JINX.

Dear my sisters and parents, If you're reading this, I'm so sorry to put you all in a chaotic life and I'm so sorry for my existence in our family. Seriously I'm not joking.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

This is NOT Good... T___T

Dear diary(blog). Yesterday my parents were mad at each other. Man...they always have 'talk fight'. I think I can't stand it anymore. I feel like my head's gonna explode into pieces. Damn I'm so tension... When will they stop fighting? I don't know. Maybe they wouldn't. But I really wish they will stop the fight as soon as possible.

But the one that made me really mad was when the time I woke up and asked my mama where was the medicine for relieving my throat. And you know what? Mama scold me "Tu la, tido lambat-lambat lagi. Main la game tu sampai kul 4 pagi lagi... Bila dah sakit baru nak cari aku.". And then I got fed up and without taking my bath I went out to calm myself and I bought my phone credit. It took a while to calm myself down.

Then, when I woke up this morning, I noticed my body temperature was high I know that I have......FEVER. Shit. This is not good.... I can't move fast... I'm slower than ever now. I'm mean my movements... Yeah it sucks.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

A Day With My Family

Aaaah~finally...I have my time to be alone as usual. Oh,hey! Didn't notice you are reading this ^_^. Oh, wanna know what happened? Really? Ok I tell ya. Once upon a time...there were a guy who likes gundam. Haha! Just joking. Sorry for my craziness.

Actually I just got back from Baling with my family yesterday evening. We went there at 1200 hours and get back at 1900 hours. Well there was a "kenduri" there. My dad's employee's "kenduri". At first I don't wanna go there coz I'm so lazy today. But,on second thought, I said to myself that I must go to make my family happy. And so I went just like that.

Just as I arrived at my end point, I saw a beautiful landscape. A wide crystal clear river with some bamboos. Hoooo....I love it. But,what ever it is, I must eat first.

 What do you call this 'kueh'?
This is my dad 
 My sisters and my mom
                  This is just for fun. Hehe..

Ok...the eating part was done. And now, I'm gonna show you the scenery of a village. To me it's great. I dunno what you think about it. Anyway, here they are...

 My sisters

 Me again

 Me again (again)

And the best part is when on the way back. We stop by at the raodside where some durians were sold... 

 Mama and Papa can't wait. (including my sister)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


19 December 2011. That's the date where my crush turns 15 years-old.  Awwmaaannnn~ Her birthday party was yesterday and I can't attend her birthday party. T__T

Anyway...there's still next year. I'll try my hard to attend her birthday party next year IF she will held it again. But the thing year I'll be sitting for SPM. But I think I can make it. Coz I think my exam will end before her birthday.

Because I can't attend it and can't give her any present, I've recorded a video for her. Here it is.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

I'm Not The One I Guess

As time goes by and through my observation,
I guess I'm not the one for her.
I don't know why I said this,
But I just had a feeling
That I'm not
The one for


*I hate it when I started to think negative*

私はあなたを愛して !

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Helloooo....readers! Long time no see huh? Yeah.... Actually I was quite busy with some activities during last week and this week. Busy with tuition classes in the morning and with old friends on the evening... tired... I wish I were a 6 years old kid. Haha!

Well,anyway tonight I just wanna express my feeling of frustration on my blog. You know, this coming 19 December is my crush birthday. She will throw a party at Sunway... So the thing is...last Saturday, I went to a beach at Penang Island. And of course my skin is badly burned. I went there with my sis and my mom. My dad was in KL that day. On my way back home, I told them in the car that "ma, this coming 19 December is my friend's birthday and she gonna held it in Penang. Can I go?". She quickly replied "Sure,which part? I can send you there.". I said "I don't know that yet. I'll ask her as soon as possible." WOW!!!! I can't believe that my mom would approve my request.

A few days later, I text her to ask which part of penang will she held her birthday party. And she told me that it will be held at Sunway. Then I said to her that I maybe will attend her birthday. I don't know how she feels but I hope it is positive. The next morning I woke up happily and asked my mom to attend the party. Then my mom replied "Who's gonna send you there.. Angah's not home. I'm working. Papa too..." As soon I get that kinda response from my mom I was like.....damn...there goes my chance to meet her... Aw man...I really can't accept the fact that I will not attend her birthday party. It feels like I'm an asshole, shit, dumb ass, and etc.

I was so frustrated you know... C'mon~ I've been looking forward to meet her and then it turn out to be like this? Whatta Fish! I'm so sorry for her and I really feel bad right now...and disappointed.