Thursday, 15 December 2011


Helloooo....readers! Long time no see huh? Yeah.... Actually I was quite busy with some activities during last week and this week. Busy with tuition classes in the morning and with old friends on the evening... tired... I wish I were a 6 years old kid. Haha!

Well,anyway tonight I just wanna express my feeling of frustration on my blog. You know, this coming 19 December is my crush birthday. She will throw a party at Sunway... So the thing is...last Saturday, I went to a beach at Penang Island. And of course my skin is badly burned. I went there with my sis and my mom. My dad was in KL that day. On my way back home, I told them in the car that "ma, this coming 19 December is my friend's birthday and she gonna held it in Penang. Can I go?". She quickly replied "Sure,which part? I can send you there.". I said "I don't know that yet. I'll ask her as soon as possible." WOW!!!! I can't believe that my mom would approve my request.

A few days later, I text her to ask which part of penang will she held her birthday party. And she told me that it will be held at Sunway. Then I said to her that I maybe will attend her birthday. I don't know how she feels but I hope it is positive. The next morning I woke up happily and asked my mom to attend the party. Then my mom replied "Who's gonna send you there.. Angah's not home. I'm working. Papa too..." As soon I get that kinda response from my mom I was like.....damn...there goes my chance to meet her... Aw man...I really can't accept the fact that I will not attend her birthday party. It feels like I'm an asshole, shit, dumb ass, and etc.

I was so frustrated you know... C'mon~ I've been looking forward to meet her and then it turn out to be like this? Whatta Fish! I'm so sorry for her and I really feel bad right now...and disappointed.


  1. who is your crush dude ? haha never tell us :p haha
    btw , ehh jom buat cover :p

  2. Heheee....nnt aku gitau.
    Btw,buat cover lagu apa?