Sunday, 25 December 2011

A Day With My Family

Aaaah~finally...I have my time to be alone as usual. Oh,hey! Didn't notice you are reading this ^_^. Oh, wanna know what happened? Really? Ok I tell ya. Once upon a time...there were a guy who likes gundam. Haha! Just joking. Sorry for my craziness.

Actually I just got back from Baling with my family yesterday evening. We went there at 1200 hours and get back at 1900 hours. Well there was a "kenduri" there. My dad's employee's "kenduri". At first I don't wanna go there coz I'm so lazy today. But,on second thought, I said to myself that I must go to make my family happy. And so I went just like that.

Just as I arrived at my end point, I saw a beautiful landscape. A wide crystal clear river with some bamboos. Hoooo....I love it. But,what ever it is, I must eat first.

 What do you call this 'kueh'?
This is my dad 
 My sisters and my mom
                  This is just for fun. Hehe..

Ok...the eating part was done. And now, I'm gonna show you the scenery of a village. To me it's great. I dunno what you think about it. Anyway, here they are...

 My sisters

 Me again

 Me again (again)

And the best part is when on the way back. We stop by at the raodside where some durians were sold... 

 Mama and Papa can't wait. (including my sister)

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