Friday, 30 December 2011

How Should I React?

Okay, now I just know that my crush....don't have a feeling for me.... So, how should I react?
  1. Play video games.
  2. Eat a lot until I'm fat.
  3. Write a song.
  4. Go mad.
  5. Make myself dumb-er than before.
  6. Kill ants!
  7. Get the worst result in examination.
  8. Do bad things.
  9. Pray for her happiness.

    So, which one should I choose,readers?


  1. move on. thats what you should really do :)

  2. Do number 3, hang out sometimes. and find another girl! You deserve someone better, bear that in mind :)

  3. I'm not ready to find another one coz I guess it'll end up being like this again. I think I'm gonna focus on my future. Be a rich guy. That's my goal.

  4. Just kill yourself,that's the right thing to do. haha, same goes to me ,i'm not ready to love anyone except her.relax dude, let's have a drag racing after SPM.My bro wanna give me a CAN'TCHILL with a twin turbo engine.AWESOME!

  5. F U!!!! I'm ridin' my Kally-Sa. Of course I will win. Ow yeah!