Thursday, 29 December 2011

I'm A Jinx

Ever heard of the word jinx friend? Well jinx is like someone who always have bad luck and make anyone near him/her have bad luck too.

So today's story is about me....who is a jinx. I just found out this morning that I'm actually a JINX. This is so not cool. Since I was a baby...I have trouble my family members without noticing it until they told me the story when I was a child. You know, every person's thing I touch will end up being haywire(electronics), destroyed(toys) and even broken(especially glass).

Just now about 8:30p.m. my sister asked me that she some photos that were taken were unable to be display on the camera. Some. Not all. And without wasting your time to read the whole story that I intended to tell you, I was scolded and my sister cried. Man..... But the photos can still be view in the computer. Still safe and sound. And to make things worst, when she's back from the sony store, she asked me to rectify the photos. Then I tried my best. But Unfortunately I failed. Man I felt really miserable. The actual problem with the photos was they can't be modify by the computer. And I just know that note tonight. Me so SUCKS!

Damn....I wish I were never born in this world. I can't even make my family happy when I'm around. I just know I'm such a troublesome and a JINX.

Dear my sisters and parents, If you're reading this, I'm so sorry to put you all in a chaotic life and I'm so sorry for my existence in our family. Seriously I'm not joking.

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