Saturday, 14 January 2012


Okay, just a short post... A few minutes ago.....she text me. But I ran out of credits to reply... In her text she said "about the answer. err...". Just that was enough to make me nervous... Then I made a 'call me back' just to tell her that I ran out of credit.....and then she CALLED ME! I thought she wouldn't. OMG I'm so nervous T_T. I'm afraid if she would reject me... Let's just pray to Allah.

Thursday, 12 January 2012


Yeah~ I'm so into swimming now. Actually I started my swimming class when I was 7 years-old and I stop for about 9 years until I continue my lesson. Last time I was very good at swimming but now, it turn upside down. I no longer a good swimmer because of my small amount of stamina. It just sucks... I mean me of course...

Well....last year I started to swim again in order to obtain my long gone stamina... And this year I'm busy with my training and I will participate in a competition this 31st January. Man I'm so nervous... I'll be taking part in 50m freestyle. Last time I swam I stopped half-way. Shit!!! But I'll never give up eventhough I know I'm gonna loose to others anyway.

Wish me luck readers!! Thanks again for spending your time viewing my blog ^_^!

*i wonder how is my crush doing...*

Saturday, 7 January 2012

3rd January 2012 at 0049 Hours

*This is the only free time that I have to write new post.*
Yeah... I know you guys saw the title, right? Actually that is the time I called my crush. know actually I have text her before I called her. I asked her the permission to call her coz you know...I don't wanna disturb her in-case she was sleepy... Lucky me she's okay with it. And so I waited for about 15 minutes until I can call her coz she said that she's gonna take a bath for a while.

While she was taking her bath, I practiced how to talk to her coz I rarely talk to her in phone. And when it comes to propose her to be my girlfriend, I was getting more nervous, sweating and a lot of stuffs happened until I don't feel like going to bed anymore. Such nervousness! And so it's time for me to call her. Below are my reactions...

Monday, 2 January 2012

A Dream That I Shall Never Forget

It's nothing much, really. But it just made me happy last night. I've dreamed about her last night. She came to my house. Just visiting....and I'm actually communicating with her in my dream. Ow man, I'm so happy(tears flowing).

And I just wondering..... Let say if I propose her to be by my side which I meant to say to be my girlfriend, would it turn out to be okay? I mean..not just okay, but will she sincerely accept it? I'm planning to propose her tonight before midnight.

Hurry guys, I need your help. Please.

Lord I'm Doing All I can to Be A BETTER Man

Sorry for the "F" word.