Saturday, 18 February 2012

In January

Hey, readers! The previous month I was really busy with lots of stuffs. Homeworks, chores, my own weekend project and vacations. You see, there was a week where us students were given a holiday. Man I'm so excited to do my homeworks (at first). But one day, I went to Queensbay at Penang Island with my family. The thing is, I found a soldering iron. I was searching for it for about a few years and I've finally found it. So I took the opportunity to buy that stuff. 

Many ideas and plans crossed through my mind. Then, I decided to customize my Gundam. I was so obsessed with my project until I had forgotten to do my homeworks. Man I was crazy. AHAHHA! ^_^.

So, what I did was I took a fan from the cooling pad and attached it to my Gundam. Well of course I used the soldering iron to connect the electronics components. And it turned out quite impressive for me.

And for sure, my room was like being hit by a tornado.
 I also did a few adjustment on my guitar.


Well, when I went to school after a week of holiday, for sure I was scolded by my teachers coz I didn't finished my homeworks. Hehe ^_^!

Friday, 10 February 2012

She Made My Day Better

HahaAHahhaa! Haaaaa~ ^_^... Man~ I'm so happy.... Hehehe.... Ow, sorry I didn't notice you guys were reading this. Fine, I tell ya. Last night I text her. Quite a while. Everytime she send me a text, I feel so damn happy. Hehehe... Suddenly she didn't reply. I knew.....she was asleep.

Nevermind about that. The next morning she text me at 9.22 a.m. and she said my name. But i read it at 9.44 a.m. coz I was still sleeping at 9.22. Man that's so sweet of her. The moment I read it, my sleepy-ness was gone just like that, eventhough it was just a simple text. But to me it's more than simple. She made happy. I wish I could tell her how I love her. ^_^