Friday, 16 March 2012

I'm a Liar. Oh my T__T

Well, another day another story...

Yesterday she asked me "I knew it, you're not okay right?". Yes, I'm not okay. But I said to her that I'm okay. I LIED. Don't get me wrong...I really don't want her to feel guilty for me... Coz if she's guilty, automatically I'll feel the same way too. Then came the night where I just feel that I can't lie to her anymore. So I told her that what I said during the day was a lie.

Yusoff,you're such a fucking liar! Awman~I hate myself now.

Anyway...the thing is, I still love her and I don't mind if our relationship is just friends but I just don't want her to feel guilty for me... That's all. That's what I want her to feel. Not feeling guilty at all. Readers, to be honest, I think I'm the one who should be blame on this... I mean...I should've response to her text by not showing any sign of disappointment eventhough I AM a few days ago. But it has happened. I can do nothing about it. Coz I don't like people being miserable because of me. That's why I lied to her.

Now...I hope you readers can help me to make things all well like before... I mean... What should I do to make things right again? Where she didn't feel guilty towards me...

Anyway, I'm sure you readers are wondering about her boyfriend, right? Well... I'm happy about it coz he's the only one right now that can make her happy (actually I'm neither happy nor sad). I hope he will never make her cry.