Tuesday, 13 March 2012

It Ends Tonight

So...hey! Whussup! Guys, I just text her a few moments ago. Actually I saw her relationship status on her facebook profile and I found out that she's already in a relationship with a guy. I thought she was just joking. So I asked her about that just now. And It turned out....she was not joking and she had been that guy's girlfriend for about a month ago. 

Man~ I waited for quite a long time for her answer. T_T... and it turned out to be like this? I'm so dissapointed. But I don't want to tell her that I'm so sad about it. So I just insert a fake laugh in my text to make her feel better.

She doesn't know how I defend myself from falling in love with a girl that tried to flirt with me and forcing me to ask her about the answer. It was such a test from Allah... All I can do now is....is...hmmm...nothing actually. But anyway we still friends. Still, I'm feelin akward eventhough as a friend. Well...it ends tonight.