Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Don't Jump to Conclusion Straight Away

Oh god...why that it has to be like this. Last night she called me. I was shocked at that time because 10 minutes before that I was thinking about her whether she's in good health or not and if I can just hear her voice again. What I mean is I really need to talk to her at that time to tell her everything that I want her to know. 

Well, the truth is, she still loves me. She said that to me. Man~I'm such a jerk to jump straight to conclusion. That night... we talk she told me that her mother had passed away. A few weeks before, her father. Now she's living her life with her brothers and sometimes with her aunt. What a life. I feel so sad for her... If only I'm a richman's son, I would have gone to her place to pay a visit for her. To accompany her to her parent's grave. But unfortunately... I don't belong to a rich family. I'm just an average guy that act like a rich dude. Pathetic isn't it. Yeah, I know :(

Anyway...I seemed to have misunderstood about what she had done. But still...I feel the pain. My heart is full of sorrows. One thing that I can't stand to hear was that she is moving to Edinburgh after this coming trial examination. I wonder if she will still love me when time passes by... I hope one day all my prayer will be fulfilled by Allah. If you guys wanna know what I always pray for her are...well, I always pray that she will be a successful women when she has finished her studies, pray that may Allah protects her from any danger, pray that she will be my wife one day, pray that her heart,mind,and soul are in peace, and much more. To make it simple, her name is always in my prayers. Man~ i sure miss her a lot. I long for her.

Okay, I'm sleepy right now. One thing that I promised myself is I will search for her one day even if it takes me years and living my life alone. But anyhow I have to focus on my studies first. If not, I'll not going anywhere. And I'll write a song about her one day. Just wait and see. Okay then, I'm going to sleep right now. Good night readers and good night my girl (hope she hears it in her dream). 


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