Saturday, 21 July 2012

I Can't Feel My Soul Anymore

Well...tonight is the end. She didn't tell me anything whether she still loves me or not. But her action showed that she loves her ex-boyfriend more. 

First she said her love for me was growing stronger. Now....her love for her ex-boyfriend is getting stronger everyday. And me...all alone again. In my dark and cold world. I knew that I can never be anybody's partner. Especially to the girl that I love.

You guys must be thinking why the hell did I mention these things. Well guys, I can't feel my soul anymore. I wish I were something that doesn't have a a data or a wind..or even soil, so that I don't have to bare this pain.

What do you feel when somebody gave you hope and then she just leave you for another guy just like that without a word? Exactly. That's what I'm feeling right now. The pain in your heart. Now only I know the pain. It just keep slicing your heart and as if you apply concentrated acid to your skin. Damn~it hurts a lot. 

Anyway...back to the story. I just knew it that she doesn't need me anymore. I know that I'm not perfect. I'm still studying, act like a child sometimes...I'm not rich...She just knew me for about 4 months and her ex-boyfriend for 3 years. If only I don't exist, everybody will be happy. And you guys would not even have to read my pathetic story of my life. 

Sometimes I feel like I wanna poke my eyes until I'm blind so that I can only hear things. So that I would not see that my beloved girl is loving someone else. And I wish...that my life is short. Hope I will get a cancer so that I know how much time I still have to live in this world of lies and betrayal.

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