Sunday, 26 August 2012

Can't Concentrate

Great. Tomorrow is going to be the first day of my trial examination. I am studying but my brain can't download any of the information. Man~ the pain is strong and I can feel some holes on my chest. I wish that she will call me tonight to give me some strength to study for tomorrow.

She's the reason I checked my phone for her text every 10 minutes. But I'm sure she don't even give a damn about me. T_T

Thursday, 16 August 2012

I Can't Sleep

I can't sleep till now and I made a promise to myself that Meiy is the last girl I will love.


It's Just What My Heart Says

Well hey viewers! Hope you guys are fine. So as usual, I miss my girl so much. To be honest, if she got married with someone else in the future, I will continue my life as a bachelor guy until the day I die, coz once a girl loves me, I will love her more than she knew. These may sound ridiculous but I'm serious.

OMG!!! She just sent me a chat. AAAAA!!! I'm so happy. It's been a while since we chat on facebook. Aaaah~ I still remember the first time she sent me a chat. It was funny though ^_^. You see, the thing is...I have high hopes for her but she seems don't have high hopes on me. I'm a bit sad about it. But it's okay...I can wait for her as long as it takes. Still, I hope that she'll be my first and my last wife.

Viewers, please pray for me that I will get a fine job in the future. A job with high salary so that I can continue with my life alone if she won't marry me.

To those who are still searching for your love ones, please make sure that he/she really loves you and willing to be with you till the end. And I, will pray for your happiness. And please don't hurt each other. If there's a misunderstanding in your relationship, please do not argue and blaming each other. Just have a talk. Explain one by one, okay.

Btw, this is my one and only girl. I love her so much <3.
I love this photo of her ^_^

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I Will Always Love My Girl

Hi. So during my emotional time I started to watch Winter Sonata again to somehow release my sadness. But actually it got worst. The sadness doesn't seem to disappear.

Now when things got right again between me and her, I still watch the drama until one night she text me "Biy, I love you.". Oh my...How happy I was that night to read her text. My tears streaming down my face like waterfall. I was so touched on that moment. And then a few minutes after that she called me. And we talk for about 30 to 40 minutes. Only Allah knew how happy I was during that moment. No words can describe my happiness. 

But a few weeks ago she told me that on the 15th or 16th of september maybe...she will move Edinburgh to live there with her brothers coz her parents had passed away last month. I'm speechless. We've just planned to meet each other at Kuala Lumpur after our final exam. But things turn out to be like this. So what can I do...I'm just a human. I can't turn the time backward. So now my plan is to get excellent result for my final exam and hope for offers to continue my studies overseas. Wish me the best guys. I really want to meet her and live my life with her. 

My beloved Meiy, I love you so much dear ^_^. Only Allah knows how much I love you. Goodluck with your studies and final exam,okay.