Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I Will Always Love My Girl

Hi. So during my emotional time I started to watch Winter Sonata again to somehow release my sadness. But actually it got worst. The sadness doesn't seem to disappear.

Now when things got right again between me and her, I still watch the drama until one night she text me "Biy, I love you.". Oh my...How happy I was that night to read her text. My tears streaming down my face like waterfall. I was so touched on that moment. And then a few minutes after that she called me. And we talk for about 30 to 40 minutes. Only Allah knew how happy I was during that moment. No words can describe my happiness. 

But a few weeks ago she told me that on the 15th or 16th of september maybe...she will move Edinburgh to live there with her brothers coz her parents had passed away last month. I'm speechless. We've just planned to meet each other at Kuala Lumpur after our final exam. But things turn out to be like this. So what can I do...I'm just a human. I can't turn the time backward. So now my plan is to get excellent result for my final exam and hope for offers to continue my studies overseas. Wish me the best guys. I really want to meet her and live my life with her. 

My beloved Meiy, I love you so much dear ^_^. Only Allah knows how much I love you. Goodluck with your studies and final exam,okay.

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