Monday, 16 September 2013

The Dream

*This post is written by me, for you, Nashwa*

By the time you read this, maybe it has already been a few years and maybe you've already married to "the guy". Whatever it is, lets just move on to the next paragraph,ok.

So, it's like this. Last night we met in my dream. I was so surprised to see you and I'm so happy that finally I can meet you again after some time. In my dream, you hugged me from behind and then we went to buy you some clothes. The place was also nice and I saw your close friend who came there too. She was Wany. You remember Wany right? 

Wa, the best part was we were taking photos together while you're still hugging me from behind, holding hands, and just stare at each other. It was such a lovely moment for me even though it was just my dream. I don't know about you but I love this dream. And because of that, I post this because I don't want to forget this dream about you.

However, I looked at your post(the one which your brother was sleeping) and I saw a conversation between your mom and "the guy". Well, it seems that your mom really like that guy to be your husband. Well, my advice is accept the guy that your mom like cuz usually parents,they know what's best for their children. 

What I want you to do now is just to keep in mind that I'll always love you no matter how the situation will be and that I don't hate you. Never will. There's a big chance that I will move on with my life living alone. I'm done with love cuz I always be just an option to others.

Again, whatever it is, I'll always find my time for you whenever you need me. Love you,Wa.

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